Qlocktwo Creators Edition Metamorphite


Product image 1Qlocktwo Creators Edition Metamorphite - The Independent Collective Watches
Product image 2Qlocktwo Creators Edition Metamorphite - The Independent Collective Watches
Product image 3Qlocktwo Creators Edition Metamorphite - The Independent Collective Watches
Product image 4Qlocktwo Creators Edition Metamorphite - The Independent Collective Watches

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Qlocktwo Classic tells you the time in words in 5 minute increments, no hands, no rush 


"It is half past seven"

The front cover of the QLOCKTWO® CREATOR'S EDITION METAMORPHITE fascinates with millions of years old slate. Thanks to the typical and unique structure of the sedimentary rock, an interesting play of colours with grey-brown tones is created.

For the QLOCKTWO® CREATOR'S EDITION METAMORPHITE, 350 to 400 million years of pressure had to be exerted until grey slate formed from clay slurry, which ultimately adorns the front of a QLOCKTWO® CLASSIC in this removable front cover.

This fissile rock is still traditionally used for roof and facade construction and now the slate front decorates the QLOCKTWO® CREATOR'S EDITION. It’s typical colour and individual structure makes each METAMORPHITE front unique. Numbered and laser signed by the creators Biegert & Funk

The white wooden body body contains a matrix of 110 LED lights which are programmed to illuminate the letters in the face and reveal the time.

Measuring 45cm x 45cm and less than 25mm thick the Qlocktwo Classic is the perfect addition to the modern home, more like a work of art than a clock.

QLOCKTWO Metamorphite can be only be  positioned on the wall
 with the included fixtures.


  • Size: 45cm x 45cm
  • Weight: approximately 6kg
  • Fixtures for wall or stand mounting included
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • 110–240V mini power adapter included
  • Qlocktwo require mains power either by using the the supplied cord or by having an electrician hardwire to mains, please ask if you are unsure
  • Low energy consumption due to LED technology
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Full warranty: 2 years
  • Qlocktwo is available in many languages, ask us about your preferred language and we can order it especially for you


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